Choose Vertical Vac

At Vertical Vac, use a smarter approach to getting the job done.  Our technicians use the world’s most powerful free-standing professional elevated surface cleaning system in the world.  We use a lightweight carbon-fiber vacuum tube to minimize risk and maximize speed. We use wireless video imaging to track down areas of concern.

Smart is our advantage. And your benefit.

Explore below to learn about where Vertical Vac can help to ensure the safety and integrity of your home or building.


Cleaning gutters while on a ladder is a very dangerous task. Rungs are slippery, and people often lose their balance. Any incident of falling can result in a severe injury. Why should you avoid putting yourself at risk?


Elevated Interiors

There are enough ways to spend a weekend - why clean the ceiling and high-wall areas in your home or facility? Many can't trust someone else to do it. We have a solution for even the biggest skeptics.


Dryer Vents

Cleaning your dryer vent can prevent serious damage or casualties from a fire. Regularly removing lint, dust and grime is an important element of home fire safety.  Our services are easy to schedule, and quick to finish.