Photo by Kin hang norman Chan/Hemera / Getty Images
Photo by Kin hang norman Chan/Hemera / Getty Images

Elevated Interiors

Where people gather, they notice details. The design industry thrives on that fact, which is why businesses invest in nice spaces. Keeping those spaces well maintained can be as simple as making an appointment with VerticalVac. Let us be your 'insider' resource that keeps your customers noticing the details you want them to see, not the details you don't.

Vertical Vac is ideal for elevated surfaces in the following areas: 

Single Family Dwellings

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  • Avoid the hassle and risk of carrying and using ladders in your home
  • Protect your personal safety and prevent injury from slip/fall hazards
  • Minimize disruption to your busy day with our flexible schedules
  • Enhance the beauty of your vaulted ceilings, chandeliers, ceiling fans and foyer before entertaining guests

Commercial Property

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  • Enjoy a budget-friendly alternative to scissor lift rentals and standard vacuums
  • Minimize disruption to tenants, clients, retail customers and employees
  • Avoid creating a mess on the floor
  • Used in lobbies, pool areas, conference rooms, dining areas, event areas, mechanical rooms and much more
  • Perfect for property managers, HOAs or business owners who lack specialized cleaning equipment

Schools & Universities

  • Maintain your facility on a tight budget 
  • Avoid unnecessary requisitions for specialized equipment
  • Improve the work environment to ensure happy teachers and students
  • Keep the school spirit high, not the dust and grime

Warehouse & Production

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  • Aid production teams who are working to ensure safety and quality at high levels
  • Prevent quality problems due to housekeeping lapses
  • Minimize disruption to plant operations
  • Make your plant shine for your customers and important guests 
  • Keep employees feeling happy in their surroundings